Integrated Gas Metering Facilities

Embark on a journey of seamless energy flow with us, your foremost partner in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning (EPCC) for Custody Transfer Metering, Regulating, City Gate, Pipe Launcher & Receiver Station for critical components in the gas transmission & distribution network infrastructure.  

Our expertise extends from precision custody transfer metering to the intricate workings of regulating and city gate stations. We are architects of efficiency, dedicated to ensuring the uninterrupted and reliable transit of gas.

Odorizer Station & Pipeline Work

Dedicated to environmental compliance and safety, our solutions redefine the standards of excellence. Our comprehensive services extend to Odorizer stations, where we meticulously ensure that natural gas is odorized with the highest regard for safety.

Beyond that, our pipeline projects are not just endeavors—they are commitments crafted with the utmost care. From receipt to distribution, our solution guarantees the safe and efficient handling work of pipeline ensuring a reliable flow of energy throughout your pipeline network.

LNG Re-Gasification Station

Embark on a journey of energy transformation with our LNG Regasification Station services. From design to implementation, our expertise ensures the seamless and efficient regasification of LNG. We engineered solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards, unlocking the full potential of LNG as a clean and efficient energy source.

Our commitment to precision and safety is evident in every aspect of the regasification process. Whether it’s the intricacies of temperature control or the optimization of flow, our solutions stand as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the evolving energy landscape.

CNG Pressure Reduction Unit (PRU)

Unlock the full potential of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a vital energy source with our specialized Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning (EPCC) services in CNG pressure reduction units.

We are dedicated to ensuring that CNG is not just delivered but delivered with precision—maintaining the optimal pressure for diverse applications. Our expertise guarantees the seamless flow of this clean energy source, providing you with a reliable and efficient solution.

Mechanical & Piping Works/Services

From the inaugural installation to the minutiae of ongoing maintenance, we epitomize meticulous attention to detail in major fabrications works. Our commitment extends beyond the ordinary, assuring the structural integrity of mechanical components and optimizing fluid flow through pipelines with an unwavering focus on excellence.

Whether you’re envisioning subtle enhancements or substantial transformations, our Plant Change Work services are crafted to meet the demands of both minor and major changes. From fine-tuning existing components to orchestrating large-scale integrations and fabrications, we bring a blend of artistry and technical expertise to every project.

We are experienced in navigate complexities, ensuring that every structural change is executed with precision and excellence.

Electrical & Instrumentation Works/Services

Elevate your projects with the assurance of precision through our dedicated electrical and instrumentation services. Serving as the backbone for your control and monitoring systems, we guarantee a seamless fusion of reliability and accuracy. Whether it’s the intricacies of process control, the assurance of safety systems, or the finesse of data acquisition, our expertise stands as an unwavering foundation.

Trust us to not only meet but exceed your electrical and instrumentation needs, ensuring that every facet of your project operates with the precision and efficiency demanded by your industry. Partner with us for solutions that go beyond expectation, setting new standards for control and monitoring excellence.

Industry Energy Consumption Analysis

Dive deep into your energy landscape as we meticulously evaluate and analyze industry energy consumption. Our experts will uncover opportunities to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and optimize your energy use for a more sustainable future.

Biomethane Unit

Step into the realm of renewable energy with our Biomethane Unit services. From  conceptualization to execution, we specialize in turning organic waste into a valuable energy resource, contributing to a circular economy and reducing your carbon footprint.

Partner with us to support Green Energy journey while our commitment to excellence ensures that engineering operates flawlessly, contributing to the smooth and sustainable Green Energy landscape.

Work With Us

At Hammer Engineering, we are committed to delivering top-notch engineering solutions tailored to your specific needs. With years of experience and a team of skilled professionals, we excel in a wide range of services to meet the diverse demands of the industry.